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Great Day At Houghton's

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Houghton's Pond Milton, MA

After hearing the news of the recent trout stocking at Houghton's, I decided to hit up there with my grandfather to see about getting a few. We used powerbait, and the action was great. My grandfather's bait was out there for barely a minute before he hooked and landed the first rainbow trout of the day. This trout had a strange bite mark on its left side, I think another trout may have taken a chunk out of it at some point. About 30 minutes later, my rod bent and I pulled in another rainbow. Then about another hour later, I ended up pulling in two more and decided to call it a day since I had my limit. None of the trout were very big, only about 12-14 inches. But nice size for eating and they tasted great!

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Gameday Smallmouth Fishing

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Bloody Pond, MA
I took a trip down to Plymouth with my Dad earlier today to do some smallmouth fishing. I had not caught one yet this year and was determined to get on the board. At about quarter of noon, I spotted one swimming away from the shore. So I tossed a minnow out towards him, and he destroyed it. I brought him inshore pretty fast, but he still gave a good fight as well as 3 acrobatic jumps. I got some pictures, as well as measured and weighed the fish. He was 14 inches and 1.5lbs, not too shabby. I released the fish afterwards, then packed up and headed home to watch the Patriots game.

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The End of the Muskie Curse

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St. John River Van Buren, ME
7/20/2017 - 7/21/2017

The Muskie has always been my favorite fish to fish for. But until recently, I had never actually caught one. I went back up to Stockholm, Maine with my grandfather and we met our guide and arranged to do some more fishing with him. I'm not gonna lie, I'm very superstitious when it comes to fishing. Since I've tried to catch a muskie four previous times since I was 14 with no luck, I thought I might have a "muskie curse" or something like that. My guide however told me that I just had to put in enough time, and if I went out multiple days I'd have a very good chance of getting one. Fast forward to our first trip, we were trolling big plugs that resembled perch, as well as a few jerkbaits designed to look like minnows. After about two hours, we'd actually had two strikes on the perch plugs, but the muskie dropped the plug each time. Fast forward another two hours, a rod with a blue/silver 6 inch rapala husky jerk got a strike. This time the muskie didn't let go and I set the hook. Surprisingly the muskie wasn't fighting all that much, just kind of slowly cruising back and forth. At one point I saw the muskie break the surface. In terms of inches, he looked about low mid thirties, though my guide insisted that he was bigger because he was staying down. Eventually I got him near the boat and he started to thrash, which was bad news because he was not anywhere near tried. My guide tried to get him with his muskie net, but the muskie swam under the net and snagged one of the hooks on the lure in the net. The muskie kept pulling until he jumped, shook his head and threw the hook. Goodbye! I was in disbelief and disgust and realized that my guide was right about the muskie being bigger than I originally thought. We estimated the muskie to be in the range of about 36-38 inches long and to weight about 14 or 15 pounds. We left the river shortly after that, and agreed to keep going out on the river until we caught a muskie. The next day, I met up with my guide and we went fishing on the river again. We ran the same lures and went to the same spot as the day before. We were only fishing for about 20 minutes before the same rod with the same lure that hooked the muskie the day before got bit again. As I got up to get the rod, I saw the muskie come barreling out of the water. It looked similar in size to the one I'd lost, but this time was different. This muskie was LIVID, he made many short, but fast jagged runs. And whenever I got him near the boat, he leaped from the water and dove down again, he jumped about 4 or 5 times in total. Eventually he started to get tired, but still had plenty of fight left in him. Every time my guide tried to net him, he'd dive down deep again, and then he started swimming in circles around the boat. After one last dive from the muskie, my guide walked up next to me and said "You know what? Bring him over here, I'm gonna get him for you." My guide then put the net in the water, I pulled the muskie over to him and he scooped the muskie up and lifted him into the boat. I finally had my muskie and I could not have been more excited. We took some pictures, as well as measured and weighed the muskie. The muskie measured 35 inches long and weighed 12 pounds. Not a monster, but a respectable fish nonetheless. Then about 30 minutes later, we got another bite on one of the perch plugs. This muskie was much larger, probably in the 40-42 inch range and about 20 pounds. But unfortunately, this muskie also got away at the boatside. I was disappointed and all, but I wasn't too bothered by it because I'd at least caught one muskie. After that, there was no more action for the day.

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Haddock Fishing Insanity

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Stellwagen Bank

It's crazy to think that I'd be fishing on the Tuna.com nearly a full year after I saw them in Gloucester harbor. I went out on the Tuna.com with my Dad and some friends to do some haddock fishing. The fishing was nothing short of incredible. I really can't think of much else to say. We were catching fish all day long, and we rarely had to wait more than 10 seconds for a bite after the bait hit the bottom. There were 6 of us on board fishing and we ended up catching about 100 keeper haddock. In addition, we caught a bunch of shorts and some cod which we had to throw back. With many cod in the 8-10 pound range. Just an all around amazing day, probably the best fishing trip I've ever had. Special thanks to Captain Dave and First Mate Sandro for taking us out and giving us a great day. If anyone who views this trip is interested in going haddock fishing, go to fishgloucester.com, book a trip and you'll have a great time.

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Ice fishing Goose Pond with Charter the Berkshires

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Goose Pond Tyringham, MA
I went out west to go ice fishing with Charter the Berkshires. On this occasion, I invited my friend Cole to come out with me. We signed up for the morning charter, which lasts from 7am to 11am. It was a relatively small charter, it was just myself, my father, Cole, Cole's father, and another kid and his father. This was my 3rd time fishing with Charter the Berkshires, and it was hands down the best. For bait, we had shiners on tip ups and we were jigging small jigs tipped with wax worms. As soon as we got out there, the action heated up. Our catch mainly consisted of sunfish and perch. We also caught a few pickerel, including a 22 inch 3lb 4oz gator, and I also caught one little bass. Between the 6 of us, we caught over 30 fish. Special thanks to our guides Nolan and Mike for putting us on the fish, and a great day on the hard water.

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Panfish fishing with JUMBO perch surprise

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Ames Long Pond, MA

Since it's starting to get cold out, I decided to take a short trip to Ames to try and catch some crappie and perch. Despite the cold, the fish were biting. So yeah it was pretty good. I was having a lot of fun and I'd caught some bluegill, a couple of crappie, and a perch. After about an hour and a half, I cast near some dead weeds and hooked something big. At first I thought it was a bass because it pulled my bobber down hard and peeled drag. I eventually got it near the shore and I saw it was a giant yellow perch. Once I grabbed the fish, I took a quick picture and got the length and weight. The fish was 16 inches in length with a 9 inch girth, and it weighed 1.75 pounds, my PB. I released the fish afterward and decided to call it a day.

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Redfish Fishing New Symerna Beach

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New Symerna Beach, FL

I went down to Orlando, FL for a week with my family. My mom and sister really like going to Disney, so one of the days that they went there, I went up to New Symerna Beach to do some fishing with my dad. We found a guy who chartered for redfish and sea trout, and he took us out. The bite was pretty slow for the first 3 hours, with a few of the nuisance sail catfish here and there. At one point, we came to a spot where we saw a school of redfish. After about 20 minutes at that spot, I finally hooked a good fish. When I brought it to the boat, we saw that it was a redfish and the captain netted it. The fish measured 25 inches long and was estimated at about 5.5-6 pounds. I took a few photos and released the fish afterwards. About an hour later, my dad set the hook into another redfish. This fish fought much harder, and was bigger than mine. It measured 28 inches long and was very thick. It was estimated to be around 8.5 pounds. I feel like we should have caught a lot more, the fish were biting, but just not taking the bait all the way in their mouths, overall a good day though. Sorry for the late post,I've had a lot going on.

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Amazing Striped Bass Fishing With Reel Deal Charters

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Orleans, MA

I decided to take a trip down to Orleans to try and catch some stripers. My Da's friend knows the guy who owns Reel Deal Charters, so he set up this trip for us. We left the dock at 6 am, and got to the spot at about 6:30. We were using big metal jigs with green tails on the hook. Our technique was to drop the jig down to the bottom, and jig it back up aggressively. For the first hour or so, the fish finder was littered with marks. As soon as our jig hit the bottom, a fish would bite it. It was unbelievable, most of the stripers were in the 36-38 inch range. The smallest was 30 inches, the largest was a 41 incher caught by my Dad's friend. My best striper was 40 inches. There were also bluefish, and they were all 30+ inches. After the first hour, the striper action slowed down, and the damn dogfish started to find us. Combined, the four of us on board ended up with about 40 fish, including striped bass, bluefish, and dogfish. Hands down some of the best fishing I've ever done. I shot a number of videos, and will post a link as soon as I get them on YouTube.

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Tons of sharks on Jeffrey's

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Jeffrey's Ledge, MA
Went out with Yankee Fleet again seeing as the cod are now in season. This time, we went up pretty far on Jeffrey's Ledge. Within seconds of dropping the baits, 3 or 4 people hooked up with redfish(ocean perch). As they were catching the redfish, I hooked up with and landed a hefty 24 inch, 5 pound haddock. My Dad then caught a smaller haddock that was just short of keeper size. Then, the dogfish began to find us which was very annoying because nobody wanted to unhook them due to the spines, and more of them meant less cod and haddock. Despite the sharks, many people caught keeper haddock, and two guys at the front of the boat caught BIG cod. I also ended up pulling away with a pollock in the 18-19 inch range. Just as we had to head back, I caught a 22 inch cod, but had to release it due to the limit being 24 inches, DAMMIT! >:(

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Incredible day at Square Lake

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Square Lake Aroostook County, ME

After catching only one fish on the St. John, my guide suggested that we go to Square Lake if we wanted to catch more fish. On this occasion, my grandfather decided to come along too. We met at the Cross Lake boat dock and drove to and through the thoroughfare to get to Square Lake. Once we got out to Square Lake, we drove around until we reached deeper water so we could start trolling. We put out three rods with baitfish-like spinners and three fly rods with wet flies. After about ten minutes, the fish started coming fast and furious. The first fish were mainly salmon, although there was one trout. They were only hitting the spinners until my grandfather hooked a good salmon on a fly. The action then died down, but they started hitting again about an hour later, this time on the flies. It was absolute madness! I can't think of much else to say, we were hooking up every 5-10 minutes, nothing huge, but decent sized trout and salmon. Sorry for being really close to the camera in some pictures, there were 3 of us on board and the boat was small. We fished until the bite died at about 3:00 pm, and we ended up with 21 fish. The fish were mostly trout and salmon, and of course, a few perch and fallfish, or as they're called up here "crap fish". This is hands down some of the best fishing I've ever done. If you ever want to come out to Square Lake, make sure to venture out with an experienced guide because it's hard to get to and easy to get lost out there. Definitely going to come back here when I can, and I hope to catch some bigger ones next time.

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10/25/17 09:37 PM

10/25/17 09:33 PM

10/25/17 09:33 PM

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10/25/17 09:33 PM
Small Tautog
Small Tautog
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10/20/17 05:34 PM
Nice Black Sea Bass
Nice Black Sea Bass
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10/20/17 05:33 PM
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